MSP-2 K1 13/3

Recombinant Plasmodium protein
MSP2 R1 repeat antigen type B plus part of the N-terminal conserved region
Derived from: 
P. falciparum (isolate K1) MSP-2 gene
Fusion partner: 
UK Biosafety level: 
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Polley SD, Conway DJ, Cavanagh DR, McBride JS, Lowe BS, Williams TN, Mwangi
TW, Marsh K. High levels of serum antibodies to merozoite surface protein 2 of
Plasmodium falciparum are associated with reduced risk of clinical malaria in
coastal Kenya. Vaccine. 2006 May 8;24(19):4233-46.

Please state in any acknowledgements, "Recombinant Plasmodium protein MSP-2 K1 13/3 was obtained from The European Malaria Reagent Repository (". It is a condition of the supply of this reagent that you also cite the reference and source given above in any publication.