MSP-2 (T9/105 12/6)

Recombinant Plasmodium protein
MSP2 Type B. Comproses the R2 region plus the C-terminal family-specific domain
Derived from: 
P. falciparum T9 isolate, clone 105
Fusion partner: 
The isolate T9 was collected on 7th April 1980 from a malaria patient at Mae Sod (near Tak) 543km north of Bangkok, Thailand. Case history unclear. T9/105 is a clone derived by limiting dilution from that isolate. DNA from T9/105 was used to produce the T9/105 (12/6) antigen.
UK Biosafety level: 
Available. Enquire.
Please state in any acknowledgements, "Recombinant Plasmodium protein MSP-2 (T9/105 12/6) was obtained from The European Malaria Reagent Repository (". It is a condition of the supply of this reagent that you also cite the reference and source given above in any publication.