DY (54X) isolate; P.c. chabaudi DY

Rodent malaria isolate
Central African Republic
T. rutilans 54X, captured in La Makobe Field Station, April 1965. Infected mouse denoted 1DY send to Edinburgh by Frank Cox, 7/12/73; frozen stabilate 14/12/73 Blood isolates of naturally-infected Thicket Rats captured in the CAR in 1965 (Landau & Chabaud)
UK Biosafety level: 
Please state in any acknowledgements, "Rodent malaria isolate DY (54X) isolate; P.c. chabaudi DY was obtained from The European Malaria Reagent Repository (http://www.malariaresearch.eu)". It is a condition of the supply of this reagent that you also cite the reference and source given above in any publication.