Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi AJ clone (95AJ15)

Rodent malaria line
Rodent malaria line P.c.chabaudi 95AJ15. Genome sequence available
Subclone of: 
Isolate AJ
95AJ15 cloned line of the 166BY isolate from a wild caught Thamnomys rutilans captured near Bangul (Central African Republic (CAR). Arrived Paris 15/3/69 and four days later at Edinburgh. Passaged four times in G. surdaster, transmitted three times in An stephensi, passaged 8x in mice. Cloning 14.5.73 (D. Walliker); 96AJ15 (frozen stabilate 1.6.73). Revived for DNA preparation and sequencing (Otto et al, 2014). Available as stabilates after infection under SPF conditions. Blood isolates of naturally-infected Thicket Rats captured in the CAR in 1965 (Landau & Chabaud).
UK Biosafety level: 

A comprehensive evaluation of rodent malaria parasite genomes and gene expression.  Otto et al., BMC Biology.  2014, 12:86

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