Plasmodium vinckei brucechwatti 1/69

Rodent malaria line
Uncloned P.v. brucechwatti 1/69, after mosquito transmission.
Subclone of: 
Isolate 1/69
Isolate collected in 1969 by Killick-Kendrick from mosquito. Mouse named 1β arrived in Edinburgh 23.7.70 -> 5x mouse passage; stabilates made 1/9/70. 3x mouse passage -> An. stephensi transmission; stabilates made 22/12/77 and 28/3/10 Blood isolates of naturally-infected Thicket Rats captured in the CAR in 1965 (Landau & Chabaud)
UK Biosafety level: 

Beale GH, et al. Genetics In: Killick-Kendrick R, Peters W. Rodent Malaria. London: Academic Press. pp. 213-245, 1978.
Killick-Kendrick R.. Parasitic protozoa of the blood of rodents V. Plasmodium vinckei bricechwatti subsp. nov., a malaria parasite of the thicket rat, Thamnomys rutilans, in Nigeria. Ann. Parasitol. 50: 251-264, 1975. Killick-Kendrick R. Malaria parasites of Thamnomys rutilans (Rodentia, Muridae) in Nigeria. Bull World Health Organ. 1968; 38(5): 822?824
Molecular evolution and phylogenetics of rodent malaria parasites. Ramiro RS, Reece SE, Obbard DJ. BMC Evol Biol. 2012 12:219

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